Monday 14th November, 07:30 PM

c/o ZEUS ( San Gottardo, 21/9)


Anton Cechov Studio#1

by and with Roberto Rustioni

dramaturg/sound environments Gerets


The project is a journey into the poetic universe and into the private life of Anton Cechov, one of the most important modern writers, a genius who – together with a few others – at the beginning of the 20th century founded a new imaginary in literature and theater: a model for many people, no doubt for me. Arrovellarsi non serve a niente – Anton Cechov Studio # 1, represents the first step of this very personal work in progress. Through fragments, scattered notes, drafts of the story and unpublished dramaturgical ideas – in addition to some of his wonderful letters – we will try to lightly tell his attempt to capture reality in order to “show life as it is”. From this magmatic material – partly little known – a unique writing emerges, atypical and intolerant to every cliché. Chechov’s humor is unpredictable, he manages to make even the darkest story light and by eliminating the easy sentimentality he helps us to face the fatigue of living that exists in all of us. It is an unusual melody that is reflected in a glance of clear compassion. Anton Chekhov through his works makes us see clearly that we all, are human beings, before anything else. His vision totally devoid of ideology and full of ironic compassion, perhaps can help us keep poisons away and be a little stronger.

(Roberto Rustioni)


STANZE, 2022 edition

STANZE is a project by Alberica Archinto, produced by Teatro Alkaest