ZEUS products are entirely made in Italy by our artisans, designed to enhance the quality of living spaces and to last in time.

The attention towards materials and their life cycle guides our production, with a strong industrial imprint that is however strongly artisanal.

Every product is therefore a unique piece.

In the Vignola establishments, near Modena and Fizzonasco/Milan, every production phase is handmade, from the folding to the welding, up until the surface treatment, allowing us to curate in the best way every single detail and to meet the various needs of project customisation.

We mainly produce products in metal, which is recyclable by nature, and we prefer finishing touches that highlight the raw material utilised, as in the case of phosphating, where the natural plate is treated and deliberately not painted in order to absorb the ravages of time.

ZEUS ART is the highest expression of our experimentation with materials: products with artistic, handcrafted finishes, deliberately irregular and unpredictable and therefore unique and precious, result of Maurizio Peregalli significant research.

ZEUS is therefore not only the self-producer of its own design furniture: within the years, we have also collaborated with different realities, such as Giorgio Armani, Replay, Furla and Giglio Palermo, for which we design, engineer and realise stores in Italy and abroad.

“The design bit is the one that concerns me personally.
I’d say that I work more on the materials rather than on shapes, with a focus on the relationship between motion, material and colour.
I don’t necessarily start from a drawing. I like to work on potentialities – whether they’re real or imagined – of a material.


All the products are made by hand, one by one. I know beforehand how much they’re meant to cost, the design and the shape are based on these imperatives: technique and cost of production.


The style is essential, it’s direct, it’s influenced by my personal history, certainly by Japan too and by the manual labour I’ve come from, the passion I have for materials, and what they express through their form”


Maurizio Peregalli, 1984 – Art Director & co-founder.