ZEUS is a landmark of avant-garde and minimalist design since ever. The historical headquarter is a large garage of the 50’s located in Corso San Gottardo, right in the heart of the Porta Ticinese Canals’ district.

CRAZY DAYS (11/15 – 12/2): ZEUS showroom is open every day from Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 7 pm.

ZEUS opens his space to an enlarged project. The big Blue Garage of Corso San Gottardo becomes an exhibition center, communication and meeting point for ZEUS and other brands in harmony with ZEUS philosophy.

For over 30 years ZEUS has been making a consistent contribution to the world of small series quality design. ZEUS project has always focused on the solution to the equation: quality, series, image, functionality and price. It could be defined as a minimalist, blunt and linear design with subtle hints of poetry and nature.

Its mission is not only a concept of product style, but is also a concept of home environment and atmosphere, a kind of home living where high tech industrial – and still hand made – products are combined with other “manual” worlds.

With the constantly evolving DESIGN ENSEMBLE project, ZEUS gathers around it some analogous and harmonic brands, looking for a mix of modernity and tradition to get a natural quality of products.

Franco Raggi