ZEUS is pleased to invite you to a special evening, along with the SPARKLING WATER CHOIR which, between famous medley and gospel atmosphere, will animate ZEUS Blue Garage from 6.30 pm on Wednesday 24th of November.

The Sparkling Water Choir was born in 2015 from the intuition of M ° Valeria Borgognoni as a natural development of the Choral Singing courses of the Associazione Ufficio Libero Tempo, Milan.

The choir is all female and the name Sparkling Water fully represents its sparkling, bright and joyful nature.

The ensemble is made up of about twenty elements divided into sections of sopranos, mezzos and altos, supported by instrumental support (keyboard/piano).

The catalogue is centered on a careful selection of songs taken from well-known musicals, such as Mamma Mia, Sister Act, The Greatest Showman. The fil rouge is the female figure who, through the interpretation of the different characters, enhances the distinctive features of the choir. The strong sense of belonging and complicity within the group, fueled by a constant commitment to the executive and vocal technical study, give the pieces and their characters a vitality that reaches the hearts of the audience during the performances.

To crown the program, the choir also offers various pieces drawn from the Spiritual and Contemporary Gospel music.